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Price countdown! Three Cannon Books on sale this week!

Three books that are the first in each series are on sale this week for Kindle! Starting Thursday, Feb 15th and continueing for a week, the price of these books are discounted. $0.99 to start and gradually going back to their usual $3.99 by the end of the seven day period, so get them fast!

Irregular Scout Team One - Volume 1 - A brutal plague sweeps through the world and a small team of scouts, military and civilian, lead the U.S. Military in a fight to regain our devestated civilization.

Valkyrie - Several hundred years from now, brutal combat between humanity and a deadly alien species drags the non-combatants of the Valkyrie medevacs into a fight for their lives. "The Valkyries are coming!", no matter how hot the Landing Zone, have become words to live by.

Fae Wars - Onslaught - On a hot summer day in an alternate 2016, portals open all across the world and humanties' ancient enemy, the Fae, return with with spell fire and dragons to exact their revenge, and America's military fights a desperate battle to throw the invaders back.

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