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November New Titles and Pre-sales from Cannon!

Up on deck first, Volume 3 of Lucas Marcum's best selling space opera Valkyrie series is here!

The war against the Elai has moved into the enemies' home system after several years of brutal and bitter fighting across known space. Even though their fleets are bottled up and their planets are under a tight blockade by the humans, the United Earth Alliance's technological edge is slipping as the Elia deploy new and more desperate weapons.

A strategic strike to cut the Elai off from their fuel supplies goes disastrously wrong, leaving the UEA Marines and the Valkyries cut off and fighting for their lives on an airless moon. They will soon find out that cornered enemies are often the most dangerous.

Next, Irregular Scout Team One is caught in the middle of the Second American Civil War! Up for presale, drops December 1st!

Three years after the Undead virus / parasite infected the world, civilization struggles on. The United States scraped by as a nation by the skin of its teeth, with forty million people crammed into the Pacific Northwest, living in squalid refugee camps. Army units have made inroads into the ruins of the rest of America, working on clearing the major cities.

Outside America, England survived, as did other island nations. The survivors are struggling back to their feet, fighting a long, exhaustive campaign to regain the Japanese Islands and Europe.

On an island in the Hudson River, thirty miles north of the nearest Army outpost, several families have homesteaded. Mixed military and civilian, planting crops and salvaging the land, they are survivors of the Army’s elite scout teams. Children are born, old friends mourned, rivers run clean and trees grow in the ruins.

The fight, though, still goes on ..

Irregular Scout Team One, call sign "Lost Boys", is working clearing operations in support of Task Force Liberty, designating targets for Close AIr Support. Their assignment is interrupted by the Task Force commander, who gives them an off the books mission that will plunge the nation into civil war.

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