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Updated: Oct 7, 2023


Cannon Publishing is happy to announce the 2024 First Annual Cannon High Caliber Awards for new writers!


- First Prize $250 - Second Prize $150 - Third Prize $100 - Three honorable mention $50 each - Publication in a contest winners anthology in Spring of 2024 - Possibilty of working with Cannon to expand your novella concept into a full length novel or even a shared universe.

ACCEPTING WORKS IN THE FOLLOWING GENRES  Military Science Fiction  Military Fantasy  Military Thriller  General Science Fiction  High Fantasy  Urban Fantasy


- Story length 10,000 to 15,000 words. - Authors themselves must not have been published other than in short story format. This includes self published. - There are no requirements to fit any demographic as an author or include any specific demographic in the plot. Just tell a good story. - All work must be human written. Any work that is even suspected of being AI will be rejected out of hand.

• SUBMISSION GUIDELINES - Submit all stories to (Feel free to send us a preliminary email with intent to submit so we can remind you as the deadline gets close!) - Email header '2024 High Caliber' - Word Doc as attachment with story summary in email. - TNR single space 12 pt - Link to any Amazon Author Page or social media held by the author. - Short author bio. - Must be a previously unpublished work. - Deadline is December 20th, 2023

- Send a preliminary "Intent to submit" to so we can send y9ou a deadline reminder!


- Cannon Publishing will own exclusive publishing rights for one year. - Cannon Publishing will hold no rights to creative concept, characters or universes. - Cannon Publishing will offer signed contracts for publication in Awards Anthology.

Cannon Publishing is a veteran owned Indie press specializing in developing new authors and telling great stories. We have several highly praised series and shared universes, good sales and a lot of great ratings. The CEO is himself a two time Dragon Award finalist and a pretty dang good writer.

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Rich Ware
Rich Ware
Dec 17, 2023

When are the winners of the High Caliber Award be decided, and where do we go to find out? Will there be a post tagging the winners on Facebook, X, etc.?

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