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What's coming up from Cannon (and Happy Fourth of July!)

Summer is heating up for Cannon Publishing and here's what's next on deck, a new Military Sci-Fi series by Shane Gries and the next Fae Wars book!

Up for Pre-sale now and delivering July 15th:

Last World: Oasis by Shane Gries (who you should be following on Amazon!)

When rebellion and war rear its ugly head, there are winners and losers, and the losers face a choice. Run, Hide, or Die.

The Imperial family chose to run, and their fleet of warships limps its way across the galaxy after losing a colossal interstellar war, spiriting off the surviving members of government to a sanctuary in the stars. They flee to a last refuge, a world that’s been off the starcharts for thousands of years. Hoping for a s

afe haven to rebuild on, they instead encounter a thriving planet of humanity, forgotten and bypassed by time, living in an industrial society with pre-spacefaring technol

ogy. After traveling the vastness of space, with nowhere else to go, the defeated warriors are determined to make this world their new home, though the existing residents of this lonely planet are quite intent on keeping what's theirs.

An officer of the battle-worn fleet and a young soldier from this forgotten world lead their respective people in a struggle that threatens to consume them all. A conflict stoked by those in the blind pursuit of power and others who desperately seek to hold onto it.

This series is a re-release and re-writing of best selling author Shane Gries' "Ashes" series, formerly of Ring of Fire Press.

Up for Pre-sale now and delivering August 1st:

Wars end, enemies are defeated and territories are conquered and the combatants have to return to a life changed. America and the rest of humanity have fallen to the Fae, ancient mortal enemies of mankind. After building their strength for two thousand years, the Elves have claimed their vengeance and now rule Earth with an iron fist and dragon fire. Down but not out, a human resistance is building, but first daily life needs to be lived.

An anthology of stories exploring life during the Occupation in the best-selling Fae Wars universe.

J.F. Holmes: Hearts & Minds. How do you deal with an invader who is actually not that bad of an Elf and is slowly winning over the people of rural county in Upstate New York?

Alex Shaw: One Man’s War. A former British Special Air Service veteran returns home to England after the Invasion, searching for his ex-wife and daughter. In order to free them from the Fae he has to lead an assault on an Orc infested castle, and things aren’t exactly as they seem.

James Copley: Hopper StationThe mountains of California become a series of stops on the new Underground Railroad, spiriting valuable members of the Resistance to safety. Things get a little dicey when a transfer goes bad, causing green and red blow to flow.

Kyle Hannah: Where there's smoke ... A small town tries to negotiate a way of living with their new rulers but a stranger has other plans, putting the civilians in a cross fire between the Fae and the Resistance.

Michael Craig: Forget Me Nots. Two soldiers on a cross country mission to escort a valuable scientist to safety run into a danger brought about by her teenaged daughter.

Cedar Sanderson: The North Way. The residents of a small Alaskan town await the arrival of the Fae after a long hard winter. When the snows melt, though, the occupiers aren’t what they expected, and the humans are given a chance to teach the Fae a lesson they’ll never forget.

Brian Gifford: Tukor & The Iron Maiden. An orc walks into a biker bar and … the greatest love story in the history of the Occupation is born.

John Olsen: A Wing and a Prayer What do you do when your new masters demand more and more of the food that your people need to live and outright resistance will get you all killed? You still resist, but with the land as your ally.

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