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Post Apocalyptic Goodness times three! (And a free e-book!)

A while back I asked Shane Gries to write a book set in the world of Irregular Scout Team One and I'm glad I did. Although the scouts will forever be my focus for my side of the post-apocalypse world, Shane brings his decades of mechanized infantry experience to the tale. Not only that, he's a gifted story teller who understands what the human condition is.

As a result, I'm happy to say that it's been rocketing up the charts! A lot of books debut and they hit hte charts high based on advanced reviewers. Shane's book has been out for two months and has been steadily climbing to the point where yesterday The Thin Dead Line broke the Top 100 in Military Science Fiction Books! As of today it's standing at #66.

I started writing IST almost ten years ago and their adventures have become a part of my life but I've also learned a lot along the way. Their adventures also pretty much started in the middle of the story, with the immortal lines of, "You know what sucks about the zombie apocalypse? No toilet paper!" That was said by a sassy redhead who really had no idea what she was getting into. Neither did I.

So last year I sat down and pulled the whole series, did some editing and put them all in their proper order. It starts with the beginning of the fall of civilization, when Sergeant First Class Nick Agostine tries to hold his unit together, and carries through to the offensive to retake America. The entire books series will be remastered, added to and re-released as five books.

So if you want some excellent story telling that focuses on the team, not on the big picture, one that lets you experience the terros of combat and the bond of soldiers, get it now!

Let's be honest, when the apocalypse happens, is your neighbor going to be some super high speed operator? Nope, he's going to be an average guy on the spot. So if you're looking for a story that's about the everyman, one with problems and human issues, check out World of Ashes. A veteran called back to service who gets left behind by his unit, Ethan goes back to his hometown and gets dragged into a postion of responsiblity that he doesn't want.

And until July 16th, the best selling Fae Wars: Onslaught is FREE!

the Fae assault the bridges. The fabled 69th Infantry puts up an epic fight against superior w

What would you do if America and the world were invaded tomorrow by a relentless and brutal enemy?In an alternate 2015, a US Army Special Forces Team, part of the legendary black ops unit "Delta", is in midtown Manhattan to take out a Chinese spy and his handlers, sending a message short of outright conflict. All goes smoothly until they find themselves in a full blown shooting war through the canyons of the City. Portals from another world have opened in Central Park, making a way for figures out of historical nightmare to invade. The Fae, creatures banished from Earth thousands of years ago and now only part of our legends, have returned with Dragon fire, spell and sword to conquer and take revenge.The first volume of The Fae Wars covers Team Three, G squadron, Special Forces Detachment (Delta) as they fight their way off Manhattan and then join the defense of the refugees as eaponry and then the war descends into the asymmetric hell that the Delta Operators know so well. Along the way they find new allies and old powers that come to their aid.

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Ralph Hoefelmeyer
Ralph Hoefelmeyer

I've read Thin Dead Line and IST. Excellent work, highly recommended. The myth of the operator neighbor is a trope. The closest I've had are a younger man who used to be a Ranger/Door Kicker around the corner. I, and most of my neighbors, are vets. We've got Army, AF, and at least one Marine around here. None of us are young enough to operate. Also, the prepper in fiction has grandpa with hidden supplies and munitions hidden away. Yeah, no. And no, my family is not going to tell me what I can have and not have. Ridiculous. Or people retreat to a compound. Some certainly will. We already don't live in the city, why would we relocate? I…

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