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Check out the new audible and our complete book list

Happy to announce that The Thin Dead Line by Shane Gries is now available on Audible, voiced by the familiar and awesomely talented Talon Beeson.

Cannon Publishing schedule (tentative):

May: Valkyrie Volume 3

June: Irregular Scout Team One Volume 2

July: Fae Wars Anthology "Occupation"

July or August: Fallen Empire Volume 5 "Gallowglass"

August: The Big Dead One by Shane Gries

September: Last World by Shane Gries

September: Athenaeum, Inc. Doubling Down by Dan Kemp

And our complete book list:

* available on audible

Shared IST Post Apocalyptic world, two separate story lines

Fallen Empire

Fae Wars

Phase I

Phase II

  • Occupied America (Various) July 2023


Athenaeum, Inc.

Offworld (J.F. Holmes)

The Invasion Trilogy

Stand alone books

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