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Cannon Publishing New Releases! Fantasy, Espionage and Post Apocalypse!

Well, we started the new year off with a bang, three new books in three different categories.

Author note: About 60% of this book was released a few years ago as "Sea of Fire". I was never happy with the lack of ending, so if you enjoyed it then, you're going to like it a hell of a lot better now.

Being the captain of a privateer is hard work. Having your tough as nails but impulsive younger brother as the Master at Arms and trying to keep your ships' wizard from drinking himself to death is even harder. Having your long-lost royal love show up in a bordello when you're trying to get a little R & R after months at sea, and being attacked by mad cultist before you can even say her name? Hardest.

Brian Corel, former slave, gladiator, ex-fiance to an Empress, exiled Captain of the Taland Royal Guard and now owner of the Letter of Marque Widowmaker does the best he can to balance the lives of his crew with his own desire to live life as a free man. Skirting the border between being a privateer and an outright pirate, Corel stumbles into the middle of a religious cult intent on corrupting the kingdom of an old friend and has to set things right while grieving over his lost love. Along the way he signs a dragon into his crew and has to risk everything to rescue his brother from the grasp of a demon that has destroyed an entire continent.

An epic journey into a realm of fantasy and world bulding by two time Dragon finalist J.F. Holmes.

If you had enough capacity for violence to seize a billion dollars from a powerful drug cartel, would you do it? The Professor has problems, and not just what decades of soldiering did to his back and his knees. His boss just died, leaving him as CEO of the extremely discreet intelligence contractor Athenaeum, Incorporated. His old buddy the Operations Director is a highly skilled Army Ranger veteran but his finance chief is slightly unhinged and spends her money on highly inappropriate work outfits. The surviving old men on the Board of Directors are stuck in the 1970s. Running Athenaeum out of an old Cold War bunker and keeping their roster of experts together is expensive, but the government contracts are drying up or going to bigger, flashier corporate players. Then an intercepted phone call puts them on the trail of a drug cartel’s shipping container of “maybe” a billion dollars in cash, so its command decision time.

  • Door Number One, ignore it. But… a billion dollars with a capital B.

  • Door Number Two, tell the Feds. But that might bring official notice to the shady intelligence gathering they have been paying Athenaeum for all these years.

  • Or open Door Number Three, which might get them all killed, or worse.

Ethan Kelly was just a sarcastic guy who hated his time in Army and wanted nothing more to do with it after he ETS'ed. So when the Apocalypse breaks out and he's drafted back into the military from his deadend security job, he's not exactly the most enthusiastic soldier. After he gets left behind at a checkpoint less than thirty miles from his hometown, all sense of loyalty to his country and anyone other than himself is lost and he leaves to find his fiancé and family, accompanied by his unit medic.

As winter approaches and supplies run low, he takes on more and more responsibility and finds himself reluctantly becoming a leader of the town's survivors. When his brother shows up after suriving a brutal battle and his own unit being overrun by the infected, Ethan wants to leave to find his fiance at a refugee camp. His departure is interrupted by the arrival of an organized military unit from Texas and the mysterious disappearance of some of the townspeople, making him choose betweeen the man he was and the man he is being forced to become.

And, as always, we've plenty of Post Apocalypse, Military Sci-Fi & Military Fantasy at our website. If you never want to miss another book release, absolutey sign up. No spam, just great fiction.

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