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An epic tale of clashing civilizations, now live on Amazon!

When society crumbles under the onslaught of civil war, the losing side has only three choices: run, hide, or die. The Imperial family chose to run.

Their tattered fleet of warships limps its way across the galaxy, seeking a near-mythical refuge, a world not recorded on any star chart. Unfortunately, this lost world turns out to have its own thriving pocket of humanity. And while they lack spacefaring technology, the locals aren't willing to share.

An officer of the battle-worn fleet and a young soldier from this forgotten world lead their respective people in a struggle that threatens to consume them all. A conflict stoked by those in the blind pursuit of power and others who desperately seek to hold onto it.

Oasis is the first volume of Shane Gries' epic space opera series, now in an updated and expanded edition.

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