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In July of 2016 a plague swept the world, and the civilization collapsed and fell. For a lone National Guard sergeant, a veteran of the wars overseas who had settled down to a new life, the nightmare began on a hot summer evening at the barricades. Orders and chaos, gunfire and being overrun, his unit dwindles away in the face of the infected.

Months later, living in the ruins, the thud of helicopter rotors followed by a crash and the rescue of a downed pilot leads Nick Agostine back into the arms of the US military. From his experience comes the idea of teams, military and civilians experienced in dealing with the undead and barbarism of the wilds. The first Irregular Scout Team leads the way for Task Force Liberty to advance down the Mohawk Valley in Upstate NY, making contact with survivors and clearing out the infected with stealth and firepower.

This is a remastering of the best selling Zombie Killers series, combining the 2017 Dragon Awards finalist "Falling" with book 11, "Patient Zero", placing the story in proper chronological order and connecting the stories together.

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In an alternate 2015, a US Army Special Forces Team, part of the legendary black ops unit "Delta", is in midtown Manhattan to take out a Chinese spy and his handlers, sending a message short of outright conflict. All goes smoothly until they find themselves in a full blown shooting war through the canyons of the City. Portals from another world have opened in Central Park, making a way for figures out of historical nightmare to invade. The Fae, creatures banished from Earth thousands of years ago and now only part of our legends, have returned with Dragon fire, spell and sword to conquer and take revenge.

The first volume of The Fae Wars covers Team Three, G squadron, Special Forces Detachment (Delta) as they fight their way off Manhattan and then join the defense of the refugees as the Fae assault the bridges. The fabled 69th Infantry puts up an epic fight against superior weaponry and then the war descends into the asymmetric hell that the Delta Operators know so well. Along the way they find new allies and old powers that come to their aid.

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For the first time in two hundred years an enemy has stepped foot on American soil and war has come to our cities. The US military is rocked back on its heels and driven into a fighting retreat as each defense line falls. The foe is unstoppable and ... Fae. Creatures from a legendary past who have come to reclaim the Earth in the name of magic and revenge.

In the hills of Pennsylvania a ragtag, devastated army prepares to make a last stand against dragon fire capable of melting an Abrams tank and wizardry that stops fifth generation fighter jets in mid-air. Inevitably it comes down to shining steel verses human will, and Sergeant Oliva Acevedo transforms from a hospital clerk to a hardened fighter.

Volume Two of the best selling "Fae Wars" follows the fighting retreat of the US Army as the Fae establish control of a shattered America.

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What’s a soldier to do when the war is over? When he’s only known conflict his whole life? Since time immemorial the solution has been to find another war, this time for pay. Whoever has the credits and wins the high bid gets the experienced fighter. Sometimes, though, the money isn't enough to cover the price. In the tradition of Hammer's Slammers and Falkenberg's Legion, a new universe of mercenaries and warfare takes place in the ruins of an alien empire.

The fighting is done for now and the alien Grausians who ruled over the Terran worlds have withdrawn from known space after a devastating civil war. In their wake the formerly subject races have fought themselves to a standstill and a negotiated armistice, leaving tens of thousands of veterans out of work and hundreds of planets in the lawless DMZ. 


The Grausian Interstellar Empire has fallen and the ruins are for the taking. In the Twenty Seventh Century that means whoever can field the best military, and on the DMZ worlds, that means Private Military Contractors. Five stories that explore the world introduced to great acclaim and rave reviews in “The Irish Brigade”.

Overrun: (J.F. Holmes) Bravo Company, Second Battalion of The Irish Brigade, Hibernia Arms LLC, gets caught in the middle of a civil war after the end of their contract. Lt. Lashar An -Selene, one of the few xenos in the Brigade, goes on the run after a disastrous battle but has to risk his freedom to rescue his friend.

Most Wanted: (J.F. Holmes) The agents of the Terran Union Bureau of Investigation, Section 6: War Criminal Apprehension, chase a mass murderer from planet to planet. Each agent struggles with their obligation to the Law versus the desire for revenge.

Slamming: (J.F. Holmes) The men and women of the Drakes use their war surplus tanks to break the siege of a human city. Their newest recruit is tasked with keeping their fusion reactor running at all costs through brutal combat and cold weather. Along the way he wants to earn a better nickname than 'Scrub' but may not be prepared for the price of a new one.

Milk Run: (Casey Moores) A Terran Marine Corps Search and Rescue Unit reforms after the war to ply their trade as mercenaries. Along the way they learn the hard truth about loyalty, lives and money and which one means more to the bottom line.

The Empresses Price: (Armondo Borboa) After the trumpets have faded and the casualties are hidden away in the record books, the Terran military learns the ancient meaning behind Kipling’s “For it's Tommy this, an' Tommy that, an` Chuck him out, the brute!"


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When the Empire rises, it's glory and fame for the soldier, but when it falls and you're on the long end of a failing supply chain, you have to wonder what all the dying is for. Terran Union Marine Dave Hernandez fights in the last bitter actions of the Succession Wars, living in the mud and blood as incoming fire decimates his squad, the men he called brothers.

After the inevitable drawdown he finds himself as the crewman of a tramp freighter, running between the worlds of the Demilitarized Zone. The DMZ is a place where not a lot of questions are asked and maybe a veteran can find some peace among the stars. Sure, the ship is war surplus, but so is Hernandez. The fact that there's a group of Private Military Contractors protecting the ship means little to him until Illyrian pirates attack and board the vessel, overwhelming the security detail and forcing the Former Marine to bring back old skills that hadn't died as much as he had thought.

With his competence for war noted and his ship wrecked Hernandez signs on with a mercenary company. Far above his head corporate machinations are aiming to make a killing, playing both sides and sacrificing the men with guns for an immense profit, and lives mean nothing compared to money for the ultra rich. Betrayal follows betrayal and the plan descends into bloodshed and mayhem.

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