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Our Series

Fae Wars

What would you do if America and the world were invaded tomorrow by a relentless and brutal enemy?

In an alternate 2015, a US Army Special Forces Team, part of the legendary black ops unit "Delta", is in midtown Manhattan to take out a Chinese spy and his handlers, sending a message short of outright conflict. All goes smoothly until they find themselves in a full blown shooting war through the canyons of the City. Portals from another world have opened in Central Park, making a way for figures out of historical nightmare to invade. The Fae, creatures banished from Earth thousands of years ago and now only part of our legends, have returned with Dragon fire, spell and sword to conquer and take revenge.


Irregular Scout Team One

In July of 2016 a plague swept the world, and the civilization collapsed and fell. For a lone National Guard sergeant, a veteran of the wars overseas who had settled down to a new life, the nightmare began on a hot summer evening at the barricades. Orders and chaos, gunfire and being overrun, his unit dwindles away in the face of the infected.

 Months later, living in the ruins, the thud of helicopter rotors followed by a crash and the rescue of a downed pilot leads Sergeant First Class Nick Agostine back into the arms of the US military. From his experience comes the idea of teams, military and civilians experienced in dealing with the undead and barbarism of the wilds. The first Irregular Scout Team leads the way for Task Force Liberty to advance down the Mohawk Valley in Upstate NY, making contact with survivors and clearing out the infected with stealth and firepower.


The Thin Dead Line

On a hot July day on the plains of Kansas a US Army armored brigade of the storied 1st Infantry Division gets alert orders and its young troopers saddle up on their armored beasts to control civil unrest in the streets of Kansas City. Police receive calls to deal with an unprecedented number of domestic violence incidents and end up arresting citizens who appear to have gone violently insane. A prisoner at Fort Leavenworth out on a work-release program witnesses a strange murder and is forced to make a run for it. As the situation descends into chaos, conflicting orders are given as confusion reigns supreme. The active Army and National Guard fight a desperate battle in the heartland to keep the outbreak from entering a death-spiral before it crosses the point of no return, consuming the entire world. It’s a battle they cannot afford to lose.

The Apocalypse written as only a veteran infantryman can, The Thin Dead Line is set as a companion series to the best selling Irregular Scout Team One by J.F. Holmes.



Humanity engages in a desperate struggle with an alien species for this side of the Orion Arm. Space ships die in instantaneous bursts of light and turn into vapor, but on the ground Marines scream and lie wounded in the mud and blood, praying for the Valkyries to come save them.

They aren't wishing for death and a nordic goddess to take them to Valhalla, the wounded are praying for the men and women of the '348th Field Hospital MEDEVAC to dive through fire and hell to come save them. Because they know that ...

Valkyries never die!


Last World

When rebellion and war rear its ugly head, there are winners and losers, and the losers face a choice. Run, Hide, or Die.

The Imperial family chose to run, and their fleet of warships limps its way across the galaxy after losing a colossal interstellar war, spiriting off the surviving members of government to a sanctuary in the stars. They flee to a last refuge, a world that’s been off the starcharts for thousands of years. Hoping for a safe haven to rebuild on, they instead encounter a thriving planet of humanity, forgotten and bypassed by time, living in an industrial society with pre-spacefaring technology. After traveling the vastness of space, with nowhere else to go, the defeated warriors are determined to make this world their new home, though the existing residents of this lonely planet are quite intent on keeping what's theirs.

An officer of the battle-worn fleet and a young soldier from this forgotten world lead their respective people in a struggle that threatens to consume them all. A conflict stoked by those in the blind pursuit of power and others who desperately seek to hold onto it.


Fallen Empire

What’s a soldier to do when the war is over? When he’s only known conflict his whole life? Since time immemorial the solution has been to find another war, this time for pay. Whoever has the credits and wins the high bid gets the experienced fighter. Sometimes, though, the credits aren’t enough to cover the price.

Empires rise, but Empires also fall. The Terran Union has spent five centuries under the control of the alien Grausians, like a barbarian tribe under the thumb of Rome. Now, after almost two decades of civil war and succession struggles, the formerly subject races have settled back in their ancient territories to lick their wounds and re-arm, leaving hundreds of settled planets to exist in a political vacuum.

Into that space steps the free companies, mercenary units that fight for gold, honor, power and glory. Veterans who can’t get the wars out of their souls, new recruits looking for adventure, corporations with their own agenda.


Athenaeum, Inc

The Professor has problems, and not just what decades of soldiering did to his back and his knees. His boss just died, leaving him as CEO of the extremely discreet intelligence contractor Athenaeum, Incorporated. His old buddy the Operations Director is a highly skilled Army Ranger veteran but his finance chief is slightly unhinged and spends her money on highly inappropriate work outfits. The surviving old men on the Board of Directors are stuck in the 1970s. Running Athenaeum out of an old Cold War bunker and keeping their roster of experts together is expensive, but the government contracts are drying up or going to bigger, flashier corporate players.

So how does the Company survive in a changing world? By digging deeping into the world of intelligence and Black Operations. 


Additional Novels

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