Paying Out, Paying Forward

Last week I had the honor of sending my first real royalty checks out from Cannon. Some of them went to established writers, but about half went to new authors who were publishing for the first time. Their stories appeared in The Hundred Worlds, a future history telling stories of humanities' new existence out in the stars. Those checks weren't much, enough to maybe take their Significant Other out to dinner, but I can tell the you the exact feeling they got, because I had that feeling myself. It's incredible, honestly. You want to shout, "Yes! People paid to read what I wrote! I created this, my own mind, my own hands made this story, and it was wanted!" It's the same feeling a craftsman gets when they build a chair from scratch, and someone buys it to use. I'm glad to give them that feeling, and hopefully together those checks will get bigger. The other part is paying forward. I started writing six years ago on a dare, when someone said to me, "If you can do better...". I look back now at my first efforts, and as an editor, I can see that, though the talent was there, my grammar and punctuation were, let's just say, horrible. Yet my post apocalyptic book, Even Zombie Killers Get The Blues, sold a few copies, and more importantly, attracted the attention of more established writers. They gave me guidance, critical feedback, and challenged me to be a better writer. My fans, also, were instrumental in guiding me as a new writer; they were never afraid to point out my failings and successes in my draft works, and I sometimes feel that more than half of each book was created by them. Here I am, seventeen books later, still pounding on the keyboard. So it gives me great satisfaction to help guide these new authors into the publishing arena. As a certain one eyed redheaded woman might say, "Not bad, noobs! Now get back to work!" Congratulations to: James Schardt Sean McCune

Jamie Ibson J.K. Robinson Lucas Marcum Bart Kemper And all the other THW authors!

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