On an airless moon...

So, I'm working a book. My second to be exact, and it's running long. I understand that SF/F tends to, and I'm still not trying to write an epic, but I find myself having to explain stuff that might not need to be explained. For example- Part of the current story is set on a moon with a cold, unbreathable atmosphere. It has one, it's just not at all compatible with human life.

So, how doe this tie into world building?

Well, for one, it effects EVERYTHING. The characters have to look at each other through their power armor visors. They 'hear' through external speakers. When they're wounded, if their suit doesn't seal, they freeze to death or asphyxiate. What would it be like to be sealed into a suit of armor for weeks on end? How do you relive yourself? What happens if your nose itches? What about food? I'm sure that eating nutritious paste would be absolutely terrible after a while. (Unless it's jalapeño cheese. I could eat that for weeks. Ask a veteran. They'll tell you!) It's actually quite a challenging environment to write in.

So, take all of these and throw a wicked ground conflict into it, and that's part of what I'm working on. Add the fact that I get very little free time from real life and it's a challenge.

Not insurmountable, but still a challenge. That said, if it was easy, everyone would do it, right? Right. Back to it. Valkyrie: Attrition, out soon!

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