Calling new writers!

When I started writing, there were a few great people who helped mentor me. When I later started Cannon, I intended to pass that help on to others who were just getting started. No one stands alone in writing, especially in this modern day and age of publishing.

So if you're a new writer, looking to get some mentorship and help breaking into the market, please look to us. Cannon is a group effort, and there's plenty of shoulders to stand on. Here's three things you need, though. 1. Talent. Writing is a skill and an art, and you have to be able to tell a story. Like I've been told, (by my ace pitcher son), I really can't throw a ball to save my life. So I know that maybe that's one field I might just leave alone, although I love the game of baseball. Your talents are no reflection on you; it's what you do with them that counts.

2. A thick skin. I recently wrote a story for an anthology being put together by (the very talented) Jamie Ibson. He was given the opportunity to edit an anthology for Chris Kennedy Publishing, and the story I turned into him was good. However, he didn't like the ending, though I did. It took a lot of thick skin to have a new guy tell ME, with two Dragon nominations, that I needed to do better, and that he was right. It took a week of me getting in a huff, but then I buckled down and wrote a better story, overall.

3. Drive. Writing is a job, as is promotion of you work. If you have what it takes, give us a shout, and let's see what you can do., or find us at The Command Post.

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