US Army Chief Warrant Officer Gene Bukowski has been having a bad day. The rotgut whiskey he was drinking in a bar in Guinea wasn't doing much to kill the pain of his Interpol partner's death, and now his ex-girlfriend has been put in charge of his team. Worse than that, he was investigating a private military contractor with his hands tied, though he knew they were responsible for Agent Simms' killing. He needed proof that they were operating outside the law, and the only way to get it was to ride along on their 'peacekeeping' missions. For a trained criminal investigator, to sit by and watch the extra judicial killings was the worst pain of all. He wanted Pioneer Associates taken down, hard. In the multinational corporate world of 2047, Interpol agents such as Bukowski, assigned from law enforcement agencies all over the planet, work to take down criminal syndicates. Gathering evidence often means jumping into the middle of a firefight or a riot, and Gene Bukowski is the best they have with a gun. His job is complicated by his personal problems, his attitude, and never knowing who all the players are. A friend one day might be your worst enemy the next. From the seemingly safe streets of Cape Town to the hell of a refugee camp in Sierra Leone, the Interpol Agents face danger at all sides while they work to bring justice to a world gone mad.

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