May 1

Is this thing on?


Awful quiet in here. I stumbled across Cannon for the first time about ten minutes ago, from a link on a friend's FB page. I can see only one post, which might *have* a single comment or might *be* the single comment referred to.


So is the place so new that I'm the first visitor to post, or am I blocked from the main rooms?




Founding member of Baen's Bar, second or third incarnation (1997)

Avid consumer of MilSF and hard SF



ETA. back to FB and it turns out that I came here following JFH's link in Ringo's tavern. So now we know.

Aug 20

That's a relief. I thought I was just late to the party. Just joined - thanks for the open call. Retired contractor - 6 years USN, 13 more direct to DOD as a "field engineer". Looking forward to conversing with some folks that understand stuff when I talk about it.

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