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The military experience is timeless, and echoes down from our past and into our future. Along the way, not everything is as it seems. Thirteen stories from established and new writers in the field of Military Science Fiction and Military Fantasy bring you tales of the terrors of combat and the even greater fear of the unknown in Cannon Publishing's first Bi-Annual Military Anthology. With stories from Alex Piasecki, Lucas Marcum, David Castlewitz, Jason Weiser, T. Allen Diaz, Chris Morton, Kevin Steverson, James Schardt, Barry Ireland, Jason Cordova, Michael Morton, Yakov Merkin, and J.F. Holmes

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When nuclear war erupts on Earth, the American colony in the Alpha Centauri system is left stranded. As the new day dawns, a furious attack by the native inhabitants threatens to overwhelm the colony's defenses. It's left to the thin red line of the US Army's 9th Regiment to stem the tide and ensure humanity's survival in this harsh new world. From two time Dragon Finalist and author of the best selling series "Irregular Scout Team One" and "Invasion" comes a new tale that tells of the struggle for survival on a brutal planet. 

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Like a dropship burning through the atmosphere to deliver Marines in a hellish combat zone, Lucas Marcum's debut military science fiction novel will take you to the edge of your seat! Several hundred years from now, brutal combat between humanity and a deadly alien species drags the non-combatants of the Valkyrie medevacs into a fight for their lives. "The Valkyries are coming!", no matter how hot the Landing Zone, have become words to live by. On the planet nicknamed "Desolation", no quarter is given after the enemy slaughters the men and women of the 378th Forward Resuscitation Team, the front line medics that risk their lives to drag casualties back from the brink of death. The only survivors, Flight Nurse Captain Elizabeth Suarez and Combat Medic Sergeant Brian Agawa, find themselves trapped behind enemy lines, fighting to survive. Overhead, the 17th Spaceborne drop in and start mayhem only paratroopers can cause, and the Second Armored Cav counterattacks, their heavy tanks rolling hot into enemy lines. As word spreads of the destruction of the hospital, "Remember the Valkyries!" becomes a cry of vengeance for the Earth troopers. Follow the Valkyries as the war against the Elia progresses from planet to planet, each a different version of hellacious warfare.

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US Army Chief Warrant Officer Gene Bukowski has been having a bad day. The rotgut whiskey he was drinking in a bar in Guinea wasn't doing much to kill the pain of his Interpol partner's death, and now his ex-girlfriend has been put in charge of his team. Worse than that, he was investigating a private military contractor with his hands tied, though he knew they were responsible for Agent Simms' killing. He needed proof that they were operating outside the law, and the only way to get it was to ride along on their 'peacekeeping' missions. For a trained criminal investigator, to sit by and watch the extra judicial killings was the worst pain of all. He wanted Pioneer Associates taken down, hard. In the multinational corporate world of 2047, Interpol agents such as Bukowski, assigned from law enforcement agencies all over the planet, work to take down criminal syndicates. Gathering evidence often means jumping into the middle of a firefight or a riot, and Gene Bukowski is the best they have with a gun. His job is complicated by his personal problems, his attitude, and never knowing who all the players are. A friend one day might be your worst enemy the next. From the seemingly safe streets of Cape Town to the hell of a refugee camp in Sierra Leone, the Interpol Agents face danger at all sides while they work to bring justice to a world gone mad.

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Fifteen classic Science Fiction stories from both masters of the craft and up and coming new writers! A tyrannical United Nations pulls the strings of its colony worlds, ruling with an iron fist. Corporate interests take precedence, and brushfire rebellions smolder on the edges. One system, home to the only species yet discovered, has, with human allies, thrown off the yoke and calls itself Independence.  With stories from Jon Del Arroz, Doug Dandridge, James Schardt, Lucas Marcum, James Peters, Jamie Ibson, Daniel Humphreys, Bart Kemper, J.K. Robinson, J.F. Holmes, Scott Bascom,  T. Allen Diaz,  John M. Olsen, and Sean McCune